We launched the Cuochi in Transferta project in 2011 and every year we are happy to host a chef who for one evening leaves the stove of his restaurant and moves to Pieve de ‘Pitti to cook for us and for our guests.

We organized dinners away in the lemon house, in the park of the Villa, by the pool, in the middle of the vineyards, and each time it was a special occasion to taste splendid dishes and discover new talents.

Among the many, were with us Daniele di “Amaro” (Viareggio), Gianni de “La Cantina” (Lido di Camaiore), Luca de “Il Magazzino” (Florence), Claudio di “Kavarna” (Livorno) Stefano and Michele from “Il Geco” (Lucca), Mirko from “Don Beta” (Volterra), Massimo from “Le Radici” and Mario from “Da Giannino” and many others we hope will want to join this project.

Now it’s Simonetta and Claudio’s turn.

The next edition of Cuochi in Transferta is set for Thursday 10 August at 20:30

Title of this edition “A Tutto Fritto”
In Love who fries wins….

To celebrate the night of the stars, we are waiting for you from 8.30 pm in the park of Villa Pieve de ‘Pitti for a welcome drink with
Sangria & Co.

from 21:00 Simonetta presents her Great Fried chicken, rabbit, squid, anchovies, potatoes, courgettes, green tomatoes, carrots, onions

and to conclude
“stardust” semifreddo and all with their noses upwards.

Wishes and Bubbles

Reservation required
Max 60 people.

Cost: 35EUR per person

The cost includes a bottle of Aprilante Vermentino for every 4 people and 1 glass of Prosecco

To book, download, fill in and send by email to wine@pievedepitti.it or fax (1782.730.049) the Cuochi in Transferta postcard!

Max 60 people


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