Together with Dr. Jacopo Querci we launched in 2014 our first Detox Pure Fit Camp, that aims to detox purifier organs as lungs, intestines, liver, kidneys, skin as well as your mind.
Invented by Dr. Querci, molecular biologist and geneticist, the Detox Camp synergistically combines, physical movement, metabolic breathing, joint gymnastics and vegan diet.
After a few days, you will recover the energy and the shape you lost
Integrated with seminars on nutrition, food and vitamin supplements as well as on detoxing cooking, this program will offer you both an active and relaxing holiday.

The Detox camp is designed to educate you to a natural and customized method and customized to improve your health. The Detox Camp program is 3 or 7 days long, based on your needs.
What to expect from the Pure Form Detox Camp:
A wonderful location, surrounded by greenery, that frames the Pieve de Pitti Villa: the park, the pool, the home cooking with a creative touch will strike your chords.
The use of SUPERFOOD (very healthy food), as natural supplements during the camp, will reactivate your metabolism improving the tropism and tissue oxygenation, a vital step to get back in shape.

Detox Camp aims to:

– Release the toxins you accumulated by a fun and high intensity fitness schedule, to facilitate a deep muscle contraction and the activity of the lymphatic system.
– To rebuild the nutrients system using  SUPERFOOD, from an organic and sustainable agriculture
– Reshape your body with a specific training for abdominal, legs and buttocks
– Recharge your mind practicing Yoga and Pranayama, essential activities to balance of the body meridians and help your metabolism in burning fat
– Create a new image of who you are through meditation and neuro-linguistic programming (NPL)

Whether you are a sport or sedentary guy, Detox camp is designed for different levels of training.
We only ask you for a strong motivation to change your lifestyle: we will take care of everything else.