For any vinegrower, the harvest is the most challenging part of the season, when the quality of the future wine is determined. Being able to choose the best time for harvesting different grape varietals, is definitely not easy and we take our grape tasting experience to heart, trusting that we know our vineyards in deep and that support us in deciding the perfect timing to pick up grapes to the cellar.
That’s why every single harvest is a singular, different, exciting: that’s why we’re sure you will enjoy a day in the vineyards with us, impressing on you the waiting thrill, and little secrets that make the unique taste of our wines.
Walking through the vine rows, you’ll discover details and expertise needed to determine the ideal harvesting time, you’ll taste yourself the grapes from the vine to learn how to understand if it’s time to take scissors and……let’s go harvesting!

1st DAY

afternoon: arrival and check-in
night: Pieve de’ Pitti wine and Olive Oil guided tasting

2nd DAY

morning: and grape harvest
lunch: Light lunch in the vineyards or in the cellar
afternoon: grape harvest
night: Tuscan dinner in the lemonhouse or by the pool

3rd DAY

morning: breakfast and check-out

We provide you boots, a cap, scissors
Accommodation: double room or apartment

Price: 399 € per couple
(The price includes: sojourn in B&B in apartment or double room, harvesting day including 1 light lunch for 2 people, Pieve de’ Pitti wine and olive oil tasting for 2 people, 1 Tuscan dinner* for 2)
This offer is valid from mid September to mid October **. Reservation required.

NOTE: The dates may vary in relation to climatic conditions or harvest demands.

* beverages not included
** This offer is not valid during week ends