Extravirgin Organic Olive Oil

From the handy harvest of typical cultivar of the Lands of Pisa (frantoio, leccino, pendolino, moraiolo), between the end of October and the first half of November, Pieve de’ Pitti Extra Virgin Bio Olive Oil, has a mellow green colour kindling golden reflexes that become gradually deeper. The low yield per plant and the low temperature milling assure an excellent olive fruity smell, a fragrant and fine taste, with nice spicy notes that match both meat and raw dishes. Just a little quantity of the bright green MonoCultivar Oil of Razza, comes from the well ripe green olives that never have a veraison, as typical of the cultivar.



Technical notes

Vintage: 2019
Liters: 330
Cultivar: frantoio, moraiolo, leccino, pendolino, razza
Olive Grove: 130 mt asl, West oriented
Training Method: vase
Density: 300
Soil: medium mixture clayey or sandy-clayey, full of shells
Harvest: hand made, between mid of of October and first half of November
Pressing: cold-pressd by 24 hours from harvest

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