Appunto Wine Jelly


Appunto Wine Jelly, 100% Merlot 150ml

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It’s called jelly, but there is no roux, it’s not a jam, it’s not a just a sauce.
It is a reduction of wine and the sole ingredients are: wine, our Appunto 100% Merlot, water and some sugar and a secret mix of spices. That’s our family recipe.
Nutmeg and Cloves match really well with Merlot….

Boiling, the fruity cherry notes of Merlot are enhanced … and this jelly pairs perfectly with aged hard cheeses or to sweet custard and ice creams .

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Red wine Appunto 2016 IGT Toscana Merlot, 100% Merlot
white Sugar
Mix of Spices, amonh which Nutmeg and Cloves


Small glass jar with metal top, vacuum-sealed, 150ml

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