Tribiana Wine Jelly


Tribiana Wine Jelly, IGT Tuscany Trebbiano, 150ml

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It’s called jelly, but there is no roux, it’s not a jam, it’s not a just a sauce.
It is a reduction of wine and the sole ingredients are: wine, our 100% Tribiana Trebbiano, water and some sugar and a secret mix of spices. That’s our family recipe.
In this case, Saffron matches really well with Trebbiano ….

When boiled, the honeyed and sweet notes of the late Trebbiano harvest are enhanced … and this jelly pairs perfectly with liver terrines and soft cheeses.

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White Wine Tribiana 2017 IGT Toscana Trebbiano 100% Trebbiano
Brown Sugar
Mix of Spices as Saffron


Small Glass Jar with metal top, vacuum-sealed,  150ml

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