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The Country house has 3 independent special sized apartments, to fit different needs of couples, families with babies or groups of friends.

Two of the apartments are located ground floor, entering from the South side, and the bigger one, first floor, on the North side.

Every apartment has a private space outside equipped with umbrellas, chairs with cushions and table . Some common services are available for all the guest: the use of the laundry with washing machine, the brick oven and two barbecues , and sun deck with umbrellas and chairs by the 10×5 pool.
The whole house has been renovated between 2006 and 2008, according to sustainable architecture criteria, using natural local materials only. Plasters are made of cocciopesto, the roman method based on crushed bricks to assure healthiness and warmth, hot water and heating are provided by a biomass stove where we recycle all vines and olive trees prunings and the ceramic washbasins have been handmade, using clay from our vineyards.
Air conditioning is banned: open the windows at the sunset and enjoy the cool taste of the sea breezes.
We will greet you with a small welcome reception: a bottle of our wine, a grape jelly or an olive oil soap, all made by us.
The Country house is just 200 mt far from the heart of our farm where the Villa, the cellar and the office are located. You will have your private area outdoor, to relax and enjoy the silence of the countryside, but you’re welcome if you want to walk up to share a glass of wine with us, to have a look at the work in the vineyards, or for a detailed winetasting.

The family is living in the Villa on the top of the hill and we are always happy to provide you suggestions about places to visit, things to do in the area, or just to chat!!!
We promote paper, plastic, metal and organic waste recycling and we will trash your rubbish daily. Help us collecting and separate your waste and use the big wooden rubbish box placed at the roadside.
The house has a covered parking area for cars.
Your house is located in the middle of our vineyards. During the season, vines require our cares so do not worry if a big tractor will run nearby. We always respect our guest’s rest, and the work in the vineyards is usually planned to cause minimal disturbance, but you know, sometimes vines require immediate assistance.
The house is close to the wood, inside a natural reserve area.
We will be so lucky to see many wild animals, wild-boars, deer, pheasants, rabbits moving around, or coming out from the wood at the sunset.
Please respect them, do not try to approach, touch or feed them for any reason.
The WiFi is free and is available in the apartments in the garden .
Pets are welcome

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