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Cerretello Chianti Superiore DOCG

Our first label, from which our story as vinegrowers began in 2001.
Since our very first harvest, we found our spirit in Sangiovese and today, Cerretello is our masterpiece.
It was bottled as Chianti Superiore because the yield (about 60ql/ha compared to the 110ql/ha of Chianti DOCG) is the result of a green selection done during the first weeks of June, to leave the best grapes on the vine.
Based on the classic formula of Chianti made exclusively from Sangiovese, Canaiolo e Malvasia Nera grapes, Cerretello ferments and then ages in the traditional concrete vats, in the historical Pieve de’ Pitti cellar. Although it was originally made from our oldest vineyards only, nowadays it has personality and a characteristic expression thanks to the Sangiovese grapes produced by the new vineyards planted by the family between 2001 and 2007.
We thought about the Chianti taste that we treasure in our childhood memory.

In 2017, the love for Sangiovese and the great variety of Pieve de’ Pitti soils, convinced us to finalize a long project of observation and understanding of our land, which led to the birth of 5 selections of Sangiovese.
We will bottle the result of this great work in the vineyard for the first time with Cerretello 2018, which will be available with the traditional label, and with the label of the Vigna Scopajo selection.
If you want to know more about this project and its future developments, read here

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