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Buoyed by the belief that we could become winemakers and make our own Chianti, we left our jobs and moved to Pieve de’ Pitti, in the Lands of Pisa, one of the newest wine regions in Tuscany. I personally spent several years, first supported by consultants, working on our oldest vineyard, the ones my Grandpa planted in the late 60s, using any and all free time to learn everything I could about growing grapes and making wine. And traveling a lot around the world, visiting friends who produce wines in different countries, tasting (and drinking!!) a lot, directly experiencing different approach to vinegrowing and winemaking. Based on our taste and our traditions, we make the “rubestio” (uniquely rustic and finicky) character of Sangiovese our own and in 2001 we launched Pieve de’ Pitti with our first vintage, which was met with great critical success and led us to search for additional high quality Sangiovese grapes.

As most of the Tuscan lands, our soils, sands, clays and limestones, are rich of shells and fossils, but the original character of our wines mainly comes from the sea breezes that intensively blows all year round from South-West, over the Miemo and Castellina hills. Such puffs, dance through our grapes with a salt embrace, so intense and surprising. That’s why we planted Vermentino, known to be a grape of the Mediterranean coast, on untraditional soil with direct marine influences. Additionally, just because we love fresh and flavourful white wines.

For the same reason, we loved the precious gem of late harvest Trebbiano, a golden and juicy grape that made history in the Lands of Pisa. We also felt free to plant some Syrah, to add spicy notes and a bit of verve to the classic style that perfectly represents us and our philosophy.

We have faith in our hands, in our palate. We are vignaioli!
Organic since 2008, certified since 2020.”

We believe that great wine is made in the vineyard. Only with great grapes can we produce great wines. That’s why we produce our wines from our own grapes only.

We believe in minimal intervention winemaking that promotes, rather than overshadows the work we do in the vineyard.
Organic is not enough, we do our best to be genuine and authentic.
We manage our vineyards in a sustainable way: no pesticide, no chemical fertilizers, no herbicide. We trust in our hands, in our taste. We’re vignaioli.
We make our own compost and produce energy from our waste. We close the loop.

Harvest is always handmade and in special cases, for some of our exclusive labels, grapes are tasted one by one to decide if they are good enough for such wine.
Most importantly, we believe that wine should be a pleasure to drink.
Pieve de’ Pitti wines are made to be enjoyed with good friends and good food. And at the end, the bottle must be empty.

It doesn’t matter how hard is the daily work in the vineyard, we will always be glad to welcome you at Pieve de’ Pitti, to share and taste a glass of wine with you.