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What about Cena in Vigna??

What is Cena in Vigna? It was September 27, 2013 when, for the first time, we sat in the vineyard with some friends to celebrate the beginning of the harvest. And where, if not in the middle of the row, among the vine leaves and the Sangiovese grapes … where to celebrate if not there?
Thus, the idea was born, idea of a long table, at the head of the slope, overlooking the hills and the amazing Terre di Pisa sunset.
A party, a magical evening to spend with those who have a special connection with Pieve de’ Pitti.
We rallied our closest partners, to take care of the kitchen, always offering traditional food, cooked with local products and with the love of the family atmosphere that has always characterized the Cena in Vigna.
Over years, the table has unreasonably grown … lights
, an aperitif in the olive grove, music, have been then added.
We spent relaxing evenings together under the warm September sun, nights breezed by the sea winds, brightly lit by the storms that danced around us, and soaking wet under a sudden downpour. However, we have always had a lot of fun.

People come to Cena in Vigna to meet old and new friends, to laugh and joke, they come to hug each other and sit, close together, they come to share.
We have always shared the emotion of the harvest that begins with you, you bring us the joy of your friendship and your affection.
It is not a common evening, that of the Cena in Vigna.
We all look forward to it. And not only because of the amazing vineyard landscape at sunset, for the lights, candles and fires, for the wine that flows in rivers and the steaming dishes that are made up and down from the kitchen.
We are waiting for you because it is a great evening of people and faces. Loves were born, at the Cena in Vigna, old friendships were reborn and new ones… can no longer be counted.
The last edition was on September 11, 2022, number 9th.

Edition n. 10 will be in September 2023.     Ok, but when?

It’s hard to decide it now. We have to look at the first bunches in June, wait for veraison in July, measure the winds and the rains and then decide.
The date of Cena in Vigna 2023 will be announced in our Newsletter first, on our page Facebook and on our page Instagram
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And if you missed it ….. here you have the official photos of the Cena in Vigna 2022, shooted by Giuseppe Laiolo .
You are all there, there are all the smiling faces of those who shared this beautiful evening with us.
Find yourselves, comment, share!!!!

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Previous Editions

Enjoy the emotion and taste of the last editions, through the wonderful images of our photographers Andrea Tosi , Giuseppe Laiolo and Andrea Moretti , but, above all, all the photos YOU have taken !!!

If you haven’t registered yet, leave your comment here and add an original photo taken at Cena in Vigna 2022! You will contribute to our album and you will receive by email the
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