Follow the  trails we suggest you or get lost among vineyards and woods. Discover our land, visit the Etruscan ruins, enjoy the sunset over the hills … enjoythe freedom!

Spend a lovely and exciting day at Pieve de’ Pitti, walking up and down, surronded by colours and perfumes of the Lands od Pisa

Wander through the vineyards and discover our places, the secret traisl in the woods, the ancient ruins of the Castle of Pava, the breathtaking sunset over the hills.
Meet the wild animals that live in the woods, listen to the birds chirping and stop wherever you want to enjoy your picnic.
We will provide you with a map of our lands, with trails and landmarks, but you are free to walk and stop where you will find the best atmosphere.
We will prepare for you a basket with home made local food, a bottle of one of our wines, water and glasses and a blanket, placed in a wooden box, that you can use as a table and take then home to remember your experience in Pieve de Pitti.

Enjoy the Picnic in Vigna toghether with your kids and pets.
Please always remember that you’ll be the middle of the countryside, with hares, pheasants, roe deer and other animals living in the woods near you.
Don’t let the children stray too far on their own, keep your dog on a leash or always close to you.

The Picnic in the Vineyard experience is also available during the weekend for our Agriturismo guests or for a minimum of 4-adults

a Pieve de’ Pitti wooden box, full of snacks and delicatessen prepared by mum with love. Turn over and use as a table and take home at the end of the Picninc, to remember of this extraordinary experience forever
a map of our hills,marking the most evocative places, with breathtaking views over the Balze di Volterra, the Terre di Pisa hills , the woods and the Pava valley. But also some secret places, to discover the ancient history of the Pieve de ‘Pitti … and then, some romantic glimpses, on the magnificent sunsets over the wheat fields
a checkered tablecloth, to sit comfortably on the grass or among the vineyards and a bottle of wine and two glasses, because there is nothing better than a good wine to accompany a special moment in a place that will remain in your memory.

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