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Tribiana IGT Tuscany Trebbiano

Tribiana is the ancient name of Trebbiano, historically a commonplace variety used as a component in blended wine. It’s unusual when found in a single-variety wine. The idea of Tribiana came from several tastings between Burgundy and Provence. Uncertain of whether or not to uproot a parcel of old vines in order to plant Sangiovese, we chose the hardest path and pursued the traditional white wines of the Lands of Pisa. We invested our passion and creativity in producing a ‘lost’ white wine in a place where land is now devoted to Sangiovese and Merlot.
The Trebbiano harvest starts in early September, from our highest vineyard on silty and iron-rich soil. At the end of September, we move to harvest the grapes of the clayey gullies to the southeast. In mid-October, just as we are finishing the Sangiovese harvest, the grapes grown on loose clay, rich in skeletal matter, are finally ready. Fermented in French oak barrels, sur lies, Tribiana expresses a mellow, honey taste with a supple and mineral finish.

The Tribiana label is our 1st signature label.
The bee on the label is an original work by Romano Masoni, painter, friend and fellow citizen, who drew inspiration from the beehives that once guarded the vineyards which then, by coincidence, has become a distinctive trait of this wine.

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