Forget about any other wine tasting you did before, with many glasses on a counter and just small bites!
Our wine tour engages you in body and taste.
We’ll bring you in the middle of our vineyards treading the land, touching branches and leaves and the grapes that our wines come from; we will welcome you in the cellar to show you our yeast working. At the end of the tour, you comfortably seat in the Lemonhouse for a chat among friends about wine and oil, tasting the traditional Tuscan cuisine, cooked by mum.

We taste 6 different wines, matching every glass with some delicious snakcs: bruschetta, crostini, panzerotti, a Tuscan soup and more handmade jams and wine jely, local cheeses and cold cuts.

HOW MUCH: 45€ per person
HOW LONG: 2 – 2 1/2 hours
WHEN:from 4pm tp 7 pm in Spring, Autumn and Winter. From 5pm to 8pm during Summertime. Select a date to check the starting time, availability and price. Every Winetour always starts with a walk in the vineyards

The wine tour is every Tuesday and Friday . Saturday and Sunday only on request and for 6 people minimum.
Check the next date and book you glass or, if any of the scheduled date fits your plan, email us and book your private tour!

Reservation required: book on our website directly, choose the date you prefer from the ones available on our calendar and buy your ticket.
Cellar doors open: You can buy all our wines in the cellar direclty and ship them home!

During the harvest period, we are all busy in the vineyard and in the cellar and, unfortunately, winetours are suspended .
Sometimes, on a day of bad weather or while waiting for the grapes to ripe, we have a few hours to dedicate to our guests. If you are spending your holidays in the Lands of Pisa during the harvest period, try to contact us by phone at +39.0587.635724 or whatsapp , and, if you’re luky, we will be able to welcome you at the very last minute, between a wine reassembly and another one!

The Winetour program starts again, at the end of the svine, every Tuesday and Friday from 4 pm to 7 pm

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