Sales Manager

Country Gentleman, you will surely appreciate his courtesy, the humour and the cosy welcoming, at the Pieve de' Pitti doors. He is the Sales Manager, who personally manages all orders and is in charge of the wine-customer management. Sergio is the one you will meet around the world, promoting the Pieve de' Pitti brand, or in our wine-shop, with a glass of Chianti, talking about our wines and olive oil, his challenge. Passionate hunter, he loves tradition: let him telling you fascinating stories and legends of our hills.
Collector of Pinocchio and an art lover, he has more than one argument to entertain you.


Wedding & Hospitality Manager

She 's the queen of taste. She welcomes you on your arrival at Pieve de' Pitti, whether you've decided to spend a few days with us, or passing through for a winetasting.
Everything good that comes to your table, is the tasty result of her skillful hands and her passion for the tradition of homemade Tuscan cooking. Together with our staff, Ida personally supervises the organization of ceremonies and events, and she's your contact if you decide to celebrate your wedding at Pieve de' Pitti.
She collects over 400 owls, that have now invaded the Villa and the park. You will find them all around, in a multitude of colours and forms.



Look for her in the vineyards or in the cellar. That’s her kingdom. Caterina personally manages and takes care of the entire production, from the vine to the bottle and you will be fascinated for sure by the passion with which she carries out the daily work, and that you will feel directly, if you are fortunate enough to take part in a wine tour. Curious wine taster, she will always be happy to share with you tasting impressions about thousand wineries of any region and the world. Bring comfortable shoes and a camera with you , to follow her deep in the vineyard.


Warehouse and Logistic Manager

Probably he was the one who delivered our wines to your door. He manages all our stock and takes care of every single bottle shipped all around the world. Lorenzo is he the one who will welcome you in our wine shop and will guide you through the tasting of our wines.