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Autumn 2023

By 16 November 2023News


Such a short harvest this year. Rains in May and June compromised a large part of the 2023 grape and olive harvest. The last thot and dry seasons, pushed us to limit the use of organic pesticide use on our vineyards down to the bare minimum. This unexpected wave of rainfall found our vineyards low of protection. And even high copper dosage (the sole antiparasitic allowed under the organic low). So, we had a little more time, between a downpour and a gust of wind, to sow the green manures, essential food for the vines, and to start cleaning the vineyards, invaded by flowers and herbs of all kinds, growing constantly because of the frequent rain.
The wines are ageing in the cellar, a small production of new organic oil has been  bottled already and ready for the table.
Mushrooms and truffles grow everywhere in the woods. It will be a very tasty winter.


Our Winetour is now one of the most successful experiences, fuly satisfying  those who have walked with us among the rows in the last years and listened to the story of our wines and our family.
In 2022 we launched the Pic-nic in the Vineyard experience, and this year, due to a very sunny sumer, many guests have spent a day in the middle of the countryside,  among our hills, under the shade of the large oak tree or in the olive grove, enjoying nature, relax and the flavors of the Lands of Pisa.

discover next date of Vertical Tasting of Sangiovese

Speciale Magnum

Let’s go party! Do you know that wine in a big bottle is always a better one?

Cerretello 2018

If you have visited Pieve de’ Pitti, you will surely have already tasted Cerretello, our most representative wine, and our way of understanding Chianti.

The 2018 harvest gave us an unexpected floral freshness and depth, in this Sangiovese which usually offers notes of red and black fruit.

During the 2023 Cena in Vigna we served it with the maltagliati al capriolo, the pairing was such a success!

put it under the Christmas tree

Cerretello 2018 Magnum
vigna Scopajo

2018 is the first special label dedicated to one of our 5 selections of Sangiovese.
A 3-year long project, that came into bottle with this first selection of 100% Sangiovese from the Scopajo vineyard.
A vineyard of silty, loose soil, rich in iron and gravelly sands.
Cerretello (Sangiovese 90%, Canaiolo and Malvasia Nera 10%) is usually made from Sangiovese grapes from the three vineyards Scopajo, Uccelliera and Ferragnoni.
This is the selection of the best grapes from the vineyard which, in 2018, gave us the most captivating flavours.
A project to discover, in sips. Buy them both!

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Scopaiolo 2016

2016 was the most extraordinary harvest of the last 20 years, without any doubt!
Syrah has a full and juicy expression, in a broad and complex wine, with ripe fruit and a savoury taste, typical of the Lands of Pisa.

The Magnum size is the best choice for a long ageing, giving to this wine an extraordinarily long taste.

Try the Scopiaolo, during the hunting season, with a pigeon risotto, a pheasant with grapes or with the classic birds roast!

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Moro di Pava 2013

2013 was a classic year: a cool year, withgentle but frequent rainfall in spring and early summer, so that the harvest started quite later comapred to the previous hot years.

So much airiness has produced a Sangiovese of great intensity, elegance with solid but well-integrated tannins, which has found full expression in long aging.
This Moro di Pava is perhaps the most successful example of that combination of fruit and flavor, typical of the Terre di Pisa.
Bring it to the table with a large piece of wild boar, stewed or in dolceforte

put it under the Christmas tree

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