Hunting is part of the history of the Pieve de ‘Pitti and of our family’s tradition and we have always brought to the table, together with our wine, everything that the forest gives us.
For the guests of the Agriturismo who want to live the unique experience of hunting in Tuscany, we organize individual or group hunting days, hunting or from rooftops: wild boar and roe deer, but also other types of sedentary game, such as pheasants. , gray partridges, red partridges, quails etc.

The hunting reserve of the “Azienda Faunistico-Venatoria” Pieve a Pitti has a total extension of about 190 hectares divided into 3 hunting areas that embrace the most diverse environments including woods, cultivated fields, stubble and corn fields, meadows and mixed areas .
The hunting of choice of the reserve is that practiced with the pointing dog and the use of the hunting dog, in the areas where the vegetation is more intricate, is able to give the hunter wonderful satisfactions.
Most of the game species allowed live on the free land of the reserve, including sedentary species such as Pheasants, Gray Partridges, Quails and Partridges, in large numbers thanks to a careful policy of repopulation and protection of the territory: it is not by chance that they are present in large number of migratory and migratory species such as woodcocks, germans, thrushes and wood pigeons that find the ideal habitat and abundant food in the area of ​​the Pieve de ‘Pitti reserve.

For the most demanding hunters, our 4 roof terraces are available for selection hunting for roe deer and wild boar in the utmost silence of our hills.

And at the end of the day, for a well-deserved relaxation, or for a chat with hunters, we offer our guests the apartments of our farmhouse, where they can spend a few hours of rest, in front of the fireplace, with a glass of Chianti, to restore body and spirit.

Il Poggetto hunting lodge has 3 apartments available, all equipped with kitchen and satellite TV, for a total of 14 beds. Outside, a brick oven will be ideal for trying your hand at slow cooking of legs and ribs. The Hunting House can comfortably accommodate groups of hunters, even large ones or with families in tow, with, on request, a guesthouse service to savor delicious local dishes based on game and game, truffles and mushrooms, prepared according to traditional Tuscan cuisine and accompanied by our Sangiovese.

The services offered by the Company Agr. Pieve de ‘Pitti

– Pheasant, Gray Partridge, Partridge and Quail Hunting Days
– Hunting days for selection of wild boar from rooftop or hunting
– Selection of Roe deer hunting days
– “Il Poggetto” hunting lodge
– Accompanist for Hunters